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SILK, 2022

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coming soon

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Written by Jess Mastro

Directed by Ella Jane New 

Starring Arjun Gupta (Magicians, Nurse Jackie),  Marissa Ghavami (The Gift of Christmas), Esteban Benito (Big Time Adolescence, Isn't It Romantic, One Life to Live), Andy Lucien (The Blacklist, Daredevil), Pooya Mohseni, (Madelyn St. John, Lauren Sowa, Tim Elliot, 

Jess and I have worked together on multiple projects in various capacities. Including her work as an assistant editor on Silk, a short film I produced and co-wrote which was directed by John Magaro. She went above and beyond as an assistant editor and became the sole editor for our trailer. She then wrote and we co-directed and produced a PSA, Locked Inside Us. Jess merges the technical excellence of her editing skills with her unparalleled creativity, crossing many aspects of filmmaking. She brings the creativity from her own work to her editing for your projects, faithfully executing your vision with her expertise.


- Marissa Ghavami @marissaghavami Artist, Advocate & Creator, Producer of Mass (2022)


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